Architectural Inspiration part 2

I know I posted two weeks ago about how the architectural team here often finds inspriation from the least likely places and travels…

But sometimes we find them exactly where we expect them – as was the case this Spring when we traveled to Point Clear, Ala. along the Mobile Bay coast. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting this part of the world, you should! It gives South Walton a run for the money when it comes to beautiful architecture and sunsets over the water.

My favorite part was walking along the beach sidewalk past the waterfront homes. A couple of different elements here caught my attention.

First, I loved how many of the boat docks along the water reflected the architectural elements of the homes. If the house had more of an off-kilter geometric design, so did the boat dock. If the house was very traditional in design, so was the dock.

Second, the hardscaping also copied the architectural style. Fences featured the same detailing as porch railings or curved and dipped when the house featured arches and curved transom windows. I love it when people pay attention to these kinds of details.

Third, every house had character. Whether it was new or old, slab-on-grade or raised, 5,000+ sq.ft. or a small cottage, all of them were PACKED with historical architectural details. You can see it in the exposed rafter tails, the windows, the railings and porches and the rooflines. The simple massing and elegant details really made these homes jaw-dropping.