Industrial home design at the beach

IMG_3888Architecture is more than drawing plans; it’s creating a master plan design for the house. That can be a certain historical style, such as Victorian, or style of building, such as Craftsman, but it can also be a style that involves the use of certain materials, such as Industrial. 

In one of my favorite new custom homes we just completed, the owners wanted to bring a few Industrial touches to the beach. I love the mix of materials used in this house. The metal fabrication work is outstanding thanks to our friends at Saltwater Steel here in Freeport, Fla. Exposed metal trusses, metal railing, metal ladders and metal touches on the cabinetry all bring the theme together. Designing the interior finishes on this house with the owners was a lot of fun to say the least. 

But just as important as the metal work, is the incorporation of wood, tile and brick into the interior work. While the color palet stayed very neutral, the mix and play of all these different materials brings the house to life and both cools and warms the inside. Whenever you start to use a lot of colder, harder materials like metal, it’s important to warm and soften things up – especially in a residential application – so you create a fun, happy environment. 

I simply love how this house turned out and I know the owners are over the moon. 

I’ll be posting more photos again when it get it professionally photographed. Until then, here are a few sneak peaks from my iPhone camera.