Rustic home plans at the beach


While most of our meetings with clients tend to focus on the big things, kitchen layouts, bedroom sizes, and the general exterior look and overall floor plan, it is the little things that tend to really make or break a house.

Se have a new home going up in a nearby neighborhood where the design code is a “rustic lake” feeling. We’ve had a lot of people tell us they love this home in part because of its curb appeal and interior layout. But funny enough, when you walk around the home, it is the little things that stand out the most and give it a timeless sense of welcoming.

Whether you are dreaming of a rustic cabin or a modern home, these kinds of details are important to consider as you get started on your plans.

1. Window and door styles that match your house style. Notice on this house that the windows and doors feature a lot of panes, reflecting as Craftman style home. 

2. An exterior material that also reflects the house style. In this case, the home utalized real Cedar shakes and natural exposed timber beams. 

3. Don’t forget about exterior trim details. It’s easy to think that you want exposed beams on your front porch, but adding detailed trim pieces at the connections and shamfering or curving the beams and edges gives them that little extra touch.

4. Remember that the sides of the house matter just as much as the front. Details such as exposed timbers under the eves and tucking the brick base (or whatever base material you choose) under the home’s exterior material to give it a defined edge really do make a difference when the whole house comes together.

Enjoy the photos!

IMG_3797 IMG_3809 IMG_3791 IMG_3787