Craftsman style beach homes


They say that everything old is new again, you just have to wait long enough. In the architecture world, I guess the waiting period is 100 years or so judging from the number of calls we have had this fall for people interested in our Arts and Crafts style home plans.

The Arts and Crafts style evolved as a break away from the British Victorian style with its ornate and intricate detailing. Instead, the Arts and Crafts homes of the early 1900s were simple forms that featured informal spaces and large front porches. Natural materials and Earthy colors set the tone and the homes were smaller with a focus on high-quality craftsmanship and fewer details.

Its interesting to me to see how today’s clients’ have many of those same features on their wish lists. The trend toward downsizing, open spaces, large porches, natural materials and colors and fewer details, but higher quality finishes, are pretty much at the top of every client’s list of priorities.

Plus, I think the Arts and Crafts style just lends itself well to beach living. Its a beautiful historical feel, has great curb appeal and invites visitors to sit back and have a glass of sweet tea.

In the past week, we have received no less than three-four calls interested in our Craftsman Cottage plan. I LOVE this house. As seeing as how it’s been a while since I last posted about it, I wanted to bring it back today to share some of my favorite photos. As you can see here, the historical trends of the Arts and Crafts movement are plenty evident. But so is a touch of the beach lifestyle we so enjoy down here along the Gulf of Mexico.



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