Sneak peak at a new modern beach home

Modern design has become mainstream these days as we have more and more clients wanting to go “modern” when it comes to their new home.

So for this blog post, I’d like to take you a tour of one of our latest modern creations.

Every home and office we do is different and one of my favorite parts is watching when the finishes go in. Every homeowner has a different idea of a “dream home.” And of course, this house is far from complete. But I love the mixture of textures and materials inside and out on this house. Wood mixed with stone creates a softer touch – notice how the large format “wood like” tiles and the dark wood squares on the walls warms up the rooms. Or watch how the dark and light materials inside and out contrast nicely to make things “pop” out at you.

A few cool things to note in these photos… the metal steps will be wrapped with the same wood as the floor and a glass handrail will replace the temporary wood structure making it look like they are floating stairs.


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