A waterfront home takes shape

I love watching the construction process.

The house photographed here is still a long way from completion, but I would like to take this post to showcase the amount of exterior detail on the home. Everything from the exposed rafters, the brackets and beams, the columns and pool area is full of detail. If memory serves me right, the set of plans on this house was 60 pages of details. It takes a pretty good contractor to plow through 60 pages of details.

One aspect that always amazes me is the coordination required by contractors to stage a project. The architect may provide them with the plans, but they have to figure out when to line up each phase of the project. Some things, like getting the foundation in first, are obvious. But others, such as coordinating the interior and exterior trim work, painters, tile installation, and such take experience and a good crew of subcontractors.

On a house like this, the contractor will have to coordinate the installation of the “rough in” plumbing valves, electrical wiring and other finish items early in the process. Once the walls have drywall, wood planking or are “dried in” as we like to say, those subcontractors will have to come back to finish installing the fixtures, appliances and lights. Things get tricky as you include more details such as wood flooring, detailed trim and baseboards and extensive tile work in the bathrooms. All of these trades have to work around one another. The whole system can get backlogged pretty quickly if weather or shipments delay even one part of the process.

We frequently warn our clients that there are two main stages of the house building process that seem to take forever. The first is the final coordination of the plans as we work with all the necessary engineers (structural, civil, geotechnical, landscape architects, etc…) to produce the final permit set. The second is the final coordination of the home’s construction as everyone puts their finishing touch on the house.

In the end, patience pays off and the house always turns out fantastic. I’m really excited to watch as the interior details get further along on this one and I can reveal more photos in the coming weeks.


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