Beach House Stock Plans

The crew here in the office are always coming up with new stock plans for our “Ready-to-go” home collection and one of my favorite things is to check out the floor plans and elevations. It’s almost as good as walking through a house for the first time during construction. I LOVE seeing how this crazy puzzle of client needs and dreams comes together. Or perhaps it’s a bit of wonder in that I can’t believe the architects have managed to come up with another completely new way of shaping four bedrooms and a lovely kitchen and dining area onto a piece of property down here at the beach. It boggles the mind that they can continually create new plans like this.

This latest one is one of my favorites for lots with views towards the back of the home. A great kitchen opens towards a lovely screened-in porch and the open floor plan has plenty of room as well for a nice sized living and dining area. A guest bedroom on the first floor doubles as an office. You’ve got tons of space upstairs for a full family and the guys even threw in the option of some tucked away bunk beds for extra guests (remember: this is a beach home).

Most of all, I like the exterior. There is something about symmetry that makes me happy. I like how all the doors and windows line up and the deep front porch.

So if you are looking for house plans – look no further.



LOT 70 in color


1st floor 2nd floor