Kitchen backsplash trends

When you think about a kitchen backsplash, most people automatically turn towards tile.

Tile is a great option and we use it in nearly all our homes. But some new options are starting to come down the pipeline and we are seeing an increased demand for different materials and styles make their way onto kitchen walls.

Trend 1: Stone

So you like the idea of tile, but want a more seamless look. Stone is a great choice. You can use something that plays off your countertops and or even run that same countertop stone up the wall. I love it because you don’t have all the grout lines of tile but it’s easy to clean. The negative: you have to be careful if you have big countertop spaces so that your kitchen doesn’t become overpowered by all that heavy stone.

Trend 2: Tile

tile 1

Yes, tile is our go-to wall product in the kitchen, but don’t think you need to stop at 4×4 travertine tiles. Go a little crazy and consider a modern look or a Moroccan mosaic tiles. The good news is it can create a great WOW factor with color and patterns. And don’t think it all has to be porcelain tile. There are metal tiles, concrete tiles and glass tiles that are all fantastic options. Large format can be another way to spice up a kitchen tile backsplash – just remember that you will likely need to cut holes for switches. The negative: don’t let the tile get super busy if you have a busy pattern in your countertops or too much going on with your cabinets.

tile 2tile 3

Trend 3: Think chalkboard walls are only good in restaurants? Think again. Chalkboard can be a fun way to jazz up your kitchen. The pro: you can personalize your kitchen like never before with drawings and sketches. The negative: chalkboard paint is not code approved to withstand the heat and flames behind a range so make sure you switch materials if you need a cooktop backsplash.


Trend 4: Brick. Brick has already been making its way back in a big way as an exterior material down here at the beach, now we are seeing an increasing number put it on their walls in the kitchen. The good news is that it is heat resistant and great at hiding dirt. The negative: it definitely adds a rougher texture to your kitchen, although you can paint it to soften the feel.