What kind of architecture is “coastal”?

There is a certain style of architecture here at the beach – a coastal Southern touch – that tends to find its way into all kinds of homes, whether they are modern, traditional or something in between. I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the world and never seen another place as architecturally beautiful – and naturally beautiful – as the place we call home.

Large overhangs to shield the direct sun; large porches to bring in cool breezes; large windows to capture the views; and historically correct details on columns, eves and window trims are just a few of the ways “coastal” architecture takes shape here on the Florida Panhandle.

Many of our clients ask us how we create so many different looks that all seem to fit down here at the beach. Where does our inspiration come from? How do we unite them all so that you could literally build each one next door to the other and none of them will look out of place, even though they are dramatically different styles, shapes and sizes?

Despite the fact that our area is unique, our inspiration comes from our travels. Last week, I had the chance to enjoy the architecture of Boston and I wanted to share with you a few inspiring photos I took as well a few images of how similar details and historic sights have influenced our designs.

Enjoy and remember to always take photos on your travels whenever you are thinking about your next house or renovation project. You would be surprised how often it can lead to  a “coastal” look here at the beach.

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