A little painting project?

A good friend of ours had a little painting project going on recently…

As you can see, it took quite a few gallons of paint.

F-35 Flys Over Wyland Flag_4-12-2016-2 flag 1 flag 2 flag 3

While painting your home or office is probably much easier than this rooftop flag, painting is still a very important part of every project. Not only does paint help protect structures from rot and wear, but it also provides us with some fantastic looks. The biggest question we always get from homeowners is what color to pick. While Chris and I tend to recommend driving around and taking photos of homes you like, another great option is to consider what clothes you wear. Most of us have our favorite few shirts or clothing items and these can make a great first start at figuring out what color best suites you.

A few other tips:

  1. Check your neighborhood guidelines to see if there are “approved colors” for the community. Some neighborhood’s have specific colors for certain neighborhood zones or rules that your house color cannot be the same as your neighbors.
  2. When in doubt, stick to historical house colors. Almost every major paint company has an historical series and these are perennial favorites.
  3. Paint a LARGE swatch on the side – or two – of your house before you move forward with the entire painting project. Colors can look very different in the sun or shade and on the actual house exterior material.
  4. Talk to your painter or a local paint store about what kind of paint works best for your region. If you have a two or three story house, consider upgrading to a higher level paint. Yes, it will cost more initially, but it generally pays for itself since you won’t have to repaint as soon as you would with a cheaper paint.