Shopping for plumbing fixtures? We’ve got tips for you!

One of the best parts about my job is helping a client select the interior finishes for their house. This week I had a wonderful time working with a good friend to select the plumbing fixtures, appliances and tile for her new beach home down on 30A. It can be overwhelming to do this for an entire house – the kitchen, four bathrooms, powder room, laundry room, pool shower and outdoor kitchen.

Here are a couple of scenes from our shopping expedition and also a few tips for your next new home or renovation.

  1. To tub or not to tub in the master bath: go with how you live and not based on a future “resale” of your home. Only 3% of the adult American population takes baths so if you don’t want one in your master bath, don’t worry just put one somewhere in the house.0107af71f55a21b6eccdfc8d47d4c4abffa72a0947
  2. Lever knobs in the master bath are a “Must” for showers so you can see if you are Hot or Cold or which way the diverter is turned. But cross handles are great for sink faucets if you want to subtly change the look.0164438fbca94c84e4baaa98a3dede637bf5752b44_00001
  3. 01e65ba077d27c3b34e7f8a1721071a6d9daa7e845Delta makes a great new grab bar for bathrooms that is beefier than most but still looks like a decorative towel bar. This is PERFECT for people looking for a nice way to make their bathroom safe and spa-like.01c162de6f8584c585c60d2c95fcb5ac174d7cb39e_00001
  4. Touchless faucets are common place, but did you know they now have touchless soap dispensers that you can preprogram to dispense your preferred amount of soap?!! You program it when you set it up and then you can wave your hand in front of it or touch it and get a big, medium or small amount of soap.015cc99c9fd008df435ec42a1d1111c22ece0c92db
  5. Just as you wouldn’t match a polka-dot shirts with striped pants, don’t match a square tub with a rounded faucet. Curves should go with curves and squared edges should match with squared edges in the bathroom. Of course, there are lots of combinations as well as square sinks with curved basins and curved bowls with angular looks, but that just gives you more options to make your house a reflection of your personality. Don’t be afraid to play around and get creative!01bd7001cfbae55f16434f0a6f20d47e777576e63e_00001
Enjoy and good luck shopping!