Curb-less showers for everyone

Ever trip on the edge of the shower and wonder why someone hasn’t invented a way to eliminate this trip hazard?

Or as an architect or builder, have you ever wondered why you have to plan to cut out space in the floor slab or joists to allow for a “curb-less shower”?

Well, wonder no more!

Last week we had a visit from a new sales rep for the VIM Level Entry Shower System. I thought I would share some tips about the product since it’s something I can see us using quite a lot in the near future – both for remodels and new construction.

In the past, if you wanted a “curb-less shower,” you had to cut out a large amount of your flooring (something that wasn’t always an option on remodels) and could be costly as well. This new system allows you to eliminate a much smaller profile both in existing and new construction. The trick is that this product is a super thin – only 7/8 inch – shower pan covered by a fabric and liquid waterproofing membrane. And the system can be expanded or cut down to fit any size and shape of shower – large, small or irregular. The result is a much easier curb-less shower entry system that will make your bathroom feel bigger and eliminate trip hazards.

I’m not normally one to tout a single product, but this was struck me as a pretty ingenious way to make your bathroom feel as fabulous as the penthouse suite in Vegas.

Below are a few photos from the company. If you want more information, please check out their website or contact Engineering and Equipment Company in Panama City, they are the local dealer.


VIM-LES-12 VIM-LES-7-threshold