Fun and Funky Commercial Interiors

Think that interiors can only be cool for homes? Well, think again.

When it comes to interior design, some of our favorites have been our commercial offices. Today’s business owners want their workplaces to feel welcoming and inviting – a bit more like home, in fact. So when it comes to putting together our commercial interior pages, Archiscapes likes to mix it up and have fun with colors, textures, lighting and signage. The result can be a very cool, hip office for staff and customers. Some of our latest medical office buildings are great examples of how you can introduce color, light and texture and still create a very functional office space. One of my personal favorites is the pediatrician’s office we designed recently. We commissioned a local artist to free-hand paint an “under the sea” theme on the walls for the kids. Let’s face it, going to the doctor is never much fun when you are sick so anything we can do to brighten it up and bring a smile to a child’s face is well worth it.

In the second example, we used warm colors of blues and¬†grays, stained wood doors and soft carpet tiles to give the room a welcoming feel. The arched front desk plays off the arched windows and breaks up the room’s formality.

Thinking of your new office or a renovation? Here are a few tips: 1. Don’t be afraid to add color. Accent walls, carpet tiles, colorful light fixtures – whatever makes you smile, go for it. Don’t just pick white and beige.

2. Play with curved openings, transom windows or wall paneling to add texture and interest to the room

3. Get creative with signage if possible. Often in our medical buildings we need to go with pretty straightforward signage for code reasons, but get playful if you can. Signage doesn’t have to be Times New Roman and black.

4. Consider modern or retro furniture or asking a local artist to add some fun features right onto the walls – art doesn’t have to come in a frame.

Good luck!

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