How do I choose a Window?


Windows are a HUGE part of the investment of building a new house and can greatly impact the home’s style and value. Most of our customers, however, trust us as their architect to select the best window for them. This means we are always talking to window manufactures and considering their latest products.

Down here at the beach, we usually specific two main types of windows: aluminum-clad windows (wood windows that have an aluminum coating over the wood that faces the home’s exterior to protect it from the elements) or vinyl-clad windows (which are made of vinyl). The aluminum-clad windows are more expensive, but offer more color and style options, allow you to stain or paint the interior wood parts to compliment your home’s interiors, and are required in certain local communities. When we specify vinyl windows, we only use one type, the Jeld-Wen Atlantic Series, as that has the most historically correct profile and is often the only approved vinyl-clad window in certain local communities.

Once you know what kind of window you want, we next consider the size of the openings, budget and style. Some window manufactures have certain sizes and shaped windows as part of their standard series, while others would require a custom order. We also have to consider that the building code requires certain sized openings in bedrooms and other areas to meet egress requirements in case of a house fire. Last but not least, there is the home’s style. Are you going after an Arts and Crafts look or Modern? A traditional coastal cottage or stately Victorian? Either way, certain looks necessitate certain window brands, sizes and styles.

Window shopping is certainly not easy, but we work very hard to help our clients through the process and explain how all of the considerations I listed above factor into our recommendation for your new house.

Enjoy the examples below!

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