Mixing colors and materials in the kitchen

Color in the kitchen is certainly a growing trend and one that delivers a powerful punch. A prime target is your kitchen cabinets. Not only does this help make certain areas – like the island or range – stand out from the crowd, but it also can tie together a room where the countertops and tile backsplash may include multiple colors.

A few suggestions: go for contrasting and complimenting colors that are different enough to stand apart and yet not so far apart that they fight for attention. We often recommend a white, off-white or neutral wood for the main cabinets and then a brighter painted color for the island r vice versa.

Different textures are another great option to play up certain elements in the kitchen. Consider brick or stone around the range and rustic wood or a refined, modern laminate material – as you can see below in bright blue. actual time now Kitchens are no longer a place to play it safe. These days, have fun when it comes to colors and cabinet choices.

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