Hardi siding for your new coastal home

Think of the exterior material of your home as your skin. It’s what protects you from the rain, wind, storms and temperatures of the great outdoors. But most people tend to think about their exterior material only when it comes to color. What you should consider is what kind of material to use.

Down here on the coast, we have one product that we use over and over again – James Hardi siding.

Why? For one, it has a great track record. This fiber cement product is an engineered siding that is designed to withstand heat, rain, cold, storms, UV rays… you name it. We get some crazy heat and harsh sun and salt air down here on the coast and Hardi can handle those punishing temperatures and rains.

Not only that, but in our close-knit communities down here, Hardi siding will not ignite when exposed to flame, unlike wood and vinyl siding. Even better, it is pretty much pest and termite resistant.

Just as important as everything on the list above, however, is that it looks good. As you can see by some of the photos I have included below of our projects, Hardi has great curb appeal. It’s not the only product we use for a home’s exterior, but it is certainly one of our favorites. Be sure to give this product a good look the next time you think about the exterior of your new home.

I’ll be writing about a few other exterior material options in the weeks to come so stay tuned if you want to learn about wood, stone and brick 🙂


P.S. One of the photos below feature one of Hardi’s latest products – a commercial panel application that I think has a cool, modern look.

58 Nickajack N _12 exterior2 hardi modern panels