To Tub or not to Tub in the Master Bathroom

Nearly every time we sit down to design a master bathroom, the question of “Tub or no Tub” comes up.

Usually, the context is that a couple rarely or never uses a tub, but feels that it should be included for resale value. Unless you are building the home as an investment to soon sell, I would put more emphasis on building it for the way you live rather than the next hypothetical buyers with one concession…. I would always include one tub in the house somewhere. Doesn’t matter if it is in the master bedroom, guest, kids bath or elsewhere, but we have never built a home without at least one tub.

Tubs do make a beautiful statement. As much as I wish I had the time to relax in one, I almost never get the chance. A soon-to-be 3-year-old little girl ensures my evenings are pretty busy until the point when I crash into my pillow. That being said, I do love the visual of a gorgeous tub in a master bathroom. Clawfoot tubs are so elegant and we have designed our fair share. One tip, however, they are more expensive not only to purchase but also to plumb. Also, not all plumbing fixture suites include a floor mounted tub filler. So if you have your heart set on a certain kind of bathroom plumbing fixture, make sure it will work or has a complimentary floor mounted version before you buy the stand-alone tub.

On the flip side, pretty much every plumbing fixture line has a deck mounted tub filler and that is also easier and cheaper to build and install.

In the meantime, keep shopping and enjoy some of our latest master bathroom tubs!

I’ve also included photos of two of my favorite tubs – which I’ve been dying to put into a home for the last year or two. I LOVE these two cute tubs. I mean, how can you not love a porthole tub or the orange feet on the second one? Both of these are courtesy of The Water Monopoly, a tub company based in England. The price of the tubs are not that bad, but the shipping is rough. Still, there’s always hope someone will buy one.


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Master Bath 1.a

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