Modern Fireplaces

Taylor-3 When it comes to architectural products and design ideas, my husband’s favorite elements of all time are probably fire (or, honestly, anything that lights up) and modern design. So all you need to do is say the words “modern fireplaces” and Chris is all over it. It’s the best of both worlds as far as he’s concerned.

For the past year, Chris has been trying to – and sometimes succeeding in – getting our clients to consider Spark modern fireplaces. He loves the clean, modern look and the ease of a gas fireplace. Personally, I love the look of the ModFire company products (their photos are the two bottom ones in this lines up below). Down here in Florida, we often as not design our fireplaces to be outside for those cool, crisp evenings perfect for roasting marshmallows in the backyard. So whether you are looking for a place to hang your stocks on Christmas Eve or some serious WOW at your next neighborhood BBQ, you might want to check this stuff out.


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