Cool Storage Ideas


You can never have enough. Whether we are talking about a vacation home or where you live year round, it seems like you can never have enough shelves, closets, racks and hooks. I have tried to declutter and I swear I am not much of a shopper – but it seems like my house is constantly full of items that I need to store away.

This blog post, therefore, is devote to the art of storage. Feel free to borrow ideas and recommend some new ones for me.

One of my favorites is storage space under stairs. Built in shelves and cubbies are a great use of space. Shelves under windows and under window seats is another good option for tucking away books and games. And when in doubt, use hallways as a place for built-ins. It’s hard to find furniture that will fit a hallway without sticking out too much or not filling the entire wall space. Designing a built in with your architect allows you to maximize the space and get something very stylish and fitting for your home.

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When it comes to bathrooms, I LOVE drawers. One tip – add electrical plugs to the back of your bathroom draws so you can store hair dryers and curling irons inside and not worry about plugging them in and out whenever you need them. Instead, you can just open the drawer, use them, turn them off and close the drawer – this allows you to hide all those wires and outlets.

Another tip: always ask your architect and contractor to add built in shelves whenever you have a closet or hallway – even a minor hallway leading from one room to the next. It may not seem like much, but you would be surprised how handy it can be when you need a place for books and pictures. Every closet benefits from a built-in shelf as well. Trust me: it is cheaper and easier to have your contractor build it in and his painter paint it then to try to install a closet organizer later.

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