Ceiling Tiles at the Beach – you bet


Typically, when our clients think about tiles they tend to think about kitchens and bathrooms. But tile can also be a fantastic ceiling or wall treatment in other rooms of the house. We are big fans of ceiling tiles and while white is the most common color, the sky is certainly the limit these days.

A few years ago we designed a beautiful Victorian home that featured a white painted tin ceiling in the music room. (See the picture above.) We’ve also incorporated metal ceiling tiles in several of our commercial office buildings. But I was reminded again of how much fun ceiling tiles can be with a new catalog this past week.  I personally like the lighter colors for ceilings, but could go for a brighter color on a wall or in a commercial setting. Ceiling tiles can vary from Art Deco to modern, but I think they would fit in great in a beach cottage.

I pulled a few neat patterns off an internet search.

1292 MC2448515 MC2448215


Ask your tile installer/contractor/local tile shop for a reputable company from which to purchase your tiles. And don’t be put off by the shiny finish here… you can paint them or go for a copper or silver finish that looks great.

trap ceiling


Good luck and I’ll keep the crazy ideas coming!