Everyone loves a nice bathroom – peace, relaxation, solitude… Who doesn’t want a few minutes to themselves to sink into a deep tub or stand under a rain shower?

We have designed all kinds of bathrooms over the years from traditional to modern to Tuscan and many more. Each has traits that make it beautiful and I would dearly love to have any of them in my own personal home.

One thing that I have seen that works across the board – no matter what style of bathroom you have in mind – is to keep it simple. Keep the colors muted, unless you want one wall or item to pop out, and keep the plumbing fixtures the same. Don’t try to mix and match different fixtures in the same bathroom.

Try to keep all the colors for the knobs, lighting and plumbing fixtures similar or complimentary, especially if you have a small bathroom. Dark and bright colors and tones can  be a great accent so don’t be afraid to use them. However, they should be used minimally and then keep the rest of the bathroom simple and light so the things that are supposed to stand out, really do.

Good luck and enjoy!

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