Kitchen color trends

When it comes to the kitchen, the pressure is on. Let’s face it – you probably spend more time in the kitchen than almost any other room of the house. When you entertain, the party ends up in the kitchen. When you are hanging out with the family in the evening or on a weekend, chances are you are in the kitchen if you aren’t crashed on the couch. So you want to make the most of it and create a great space. Appliances that meet your budget and function well are important and so too is lighting and space planning.

But color is HUGE. Down here at the beach, the trend for kitchens is definitely towards painted cabinets. It has been that way for a while and shows no signs of stopping. Wood certainly is beautiful and is a great option, but most of our clients – by far – like a painted look. White is the most popular choice. It makes the room feel light, clean and open. For those with kids or expecting a lot of kitchen traffic, an off-white is a good option as it hides fingerprints and dirt a bit better.

And nearly everyone these days is doing the island a different color than the rest of the kitchen. Blue, green, tan or sometimes a darker wood are the top choices. You can also flip those ideas and do the main cabinets a darker color and the island lighter.

When it comes to countertops, the trend again is lighter tones. Marbles and light granites tend to be the number one choices for most of our clients. However, if you go with all white cabinets throughout the kitchen, it’s nice to use a darker countertop to add contrast.

Likewise,¬†glass is very popular. Whether it’s glass cabinet doors, transom windows above doors and interior openings, and/or glass tile backsplashes, it’s another way to make the kitchen feel open and airy. You may also notice that cabinet door styles are all trending towards the simple side with less detailing in a standard shaker panel style. Again, think clean, simple and open.

Who knows what trends will take hold in the next few years. But for right now, it looks like these are here to stay. Enjoy!

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