Paint Colors and 2016 Trends

Sherwin Williams just sent out their 2016 color trends list. It’s always a good idea to look at color trends. While you might not think that architects worry about paint colors – we are a bit more focused on walls and windows – color does play an important role in our work.

Sometimes it’s as simple as giving our opinion on what color to paint a home, be it a renovation or new construction. The color of a house may influence the roof material, windows and door colors and exterior detailing.

It can also be a much more involved process. Here at Archiscapes, we often work with our clients to provide interior design services. That means we help clients select their tile, plumbing fixtures, appliances, countertops, cabinets, door and window hardware and flooring. Color and trends weigh heavily on this side of the practice. Color sets the tone for a house and the rest of the finishes must compliment it. At the beach, we see more demand for lighter, whiter colors, but that is not to say darker, contrasting paints are ignored. Often, the best way to really make a white color POP is to offset it with a dark green, brown or black.

I think Sherwin Williams has some intriguing color predictions here.  I have long been a fan of Ancient Marble and Well-bred Brown; Tansy Green and Friendly Green look like fun.sw-pdf-clrmix2016-4 sw-pdf-clrmix2016-6 sw-pdf-clrmix2016-8 sw-pdf-clrmix2016-10