What to put on the walls?

So you’ve got your floor plans, you’ve got your elevations, you’ve possibly even figured out where to put the couch and T.V…. but what in the world do you put on the walls?

We get asked this question – A LOT. Wood walls, tile, brick, sheetrock, plaster, more windows, fewer windows, built-in cabinets? There are so many options it is easy to get carried away. The truth is that the details on the walls needs to reflect both your budget, style and the character of the house. Historical homes and those with a lot of Southern charm lend themselves to more detailed walls. Adding simple 1x4s over sheetrock is a great budget friendly way to achieve this look as you can see in the picture below.

341 Rue Caribe _39

Likewise, brick accents can bring warmth and a bit of a rustic tone to a coastal Southern house. Here a brick fireplace adds a solid touch to an elegant outdoor porch. It’s also fun to add a bit of stone, such as this limestone fireplace surround. Whether you opt for a rough or smooth finish, stone can be a great way to add natural elements to a house.

Plaster also is one of our favorite interior wall finishes. The variation in plaster gives it a lot of depth and color, more so than in a flat paint. But this can be a pricy finish and takes a talented artist to get it right. The second picture below showcases a beautiful plaster job.exterior6


Sometimes, less is more. When your house already features lots of windows and spacious living areas, it is often a good idea to keep the trim and details simple. Sheetrock done with a smooth finish is a fantastic idea for walls. It can be tempting to go overboard with interior wall finishes. Don’t try to make every room different or put something on every room in the house. It becomes overwhelming. Focus and spend money on the key rooms such as the main living/dining area, kitchen or master bedroom and go easy and simple on those secondary dens, bedrooms and side rooms.

sm_58 Nickajack N _21 __018Last but not least, there is tile. Tile is another option for wall finishes. With all the tile options out there, the sky is the limit when it comes to color, size, texture, etc. While I certainly enjoy seeing the latest trends on the market and helping our clients select tiles for their home, it is easy to go crazy in a tile store. My best advice: keep it simple, keep the colors and textures in the same family and don’t stress if you find one tile you love and use it throughout the house. Good luck!

495 Western Lake _23