A special Mother’s Day

Last winter, our family went through the worst crisis of our lives when Chris’ mum suffered a heart attack just before Christmas. It marked the beginning of weeks of hospitalizations and surgeries. Mum is one tough lady – thank goodness – and she pulled through against all odds. Her doctors have been blown away by how she overcame every setback and surgery.

Thankfully, she is now home and much, much improved and the experience has given us all a renewed appreciation for how important it is to look for the warning signs of heart disease and illness in family and friends. Before all this happened, we had no idea that heart disease was the leading cause of death in the United States or that the symptoms of a women’s heart attack is so different from that of a man’s.

Now, five months later, Chris and I were happy to celebrate his mum’s return to health with a very special Mother’s Day and to join some special friends to support the local chapter of the American Heart Association. Our friends, Peter and Terri Bos, were the guests of honor at the “Heart Ball” last Saturday evening in Destin. The band was fantastic! Personally, I got a lot of laughs – and his mum did too – seeing Chris pull out the tux vest from our wedding. It was a custom made British flag vest and he was certainly the talk of the ball in that outfit.

Peter and Terri have been long time supports of the American Heart Association and Peter has twice chaired the event in 2002 and 2003. The event was a great success and is tentatively expecting the total raised to reach $57,000.


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