Secret Gardens

This morning was the first time in weeks that the bay has been dead calm so I grabbed my Yolo board and headed out to explore. It was the perfect morning for it – a light breeze, not too hot, not so cold that I would freeze if I feel in.

Being that this is only my second trip out on the Yolo board, falling in was still highly likely. But I managed to paddle up the bay and around the point of Lagrange Bayou. I love checking out the homes from the water side. You get to see all the details people put into their backyards and outdoor spaces – the areas where people really live, as opposed to the street side which gets all the attention for “curb appeal” but really never gets used when you backup to the bay.

Between the jumping fish, some neat looking boats and tricked out backyards, it was a great way to start a Monday morning. It also made me appreciate all the detail our team goes into when designing backyards. It’s all too easy to get wrapped up a home’s four walls when you start designing and forget about creating some really cool outdoor spaces. Maybe it’s the bookworm in me, but I always remember “The Secret Garden” and LOVE the idea of having some kind of hidden outdoor space where I could hide away – even as an adult.

Enjoy some of our latest outdoor creations 🙂 exterior17exterior15exterior20exterior16