Master Planning a Community

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People often think that an architect’s job is reserved solely for designing new residential and commercial structures. In fact, a good portion of our firm’s work involves community master planning. For the past few months, Archiscapes has been working on the design of a new master planned community in Destin.

The neat part about having an architect design your community is that we tend to think of the overall artistic feel of the community as opposed to an engineer, who tends to think in terms of how many lots in which you can divide the acreage. When Archiscapes starts working on a master plan concept, we start with the architectural feel of the homes and extend this out to the entire landscaping, signage, entrance features and street lights.

In this instance, our inspiration came from the Low Country architectural style of Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia. The photos here are from a wonderful 20th century architect named A. Hays Town. While the site map shown below does not include any details about the homes as yet – they are looking pretty awesome and I’ll be excited to share the sketches online whenever the guys have them ready for public viewing.

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