Architectural Symmetry

We have clients that LOVE symmetry and clients that hate it. It’s amazing how strongly people often feel about the need to “balance” or “unbalance” their home. Symmetry can be a tough goal as it requires the architects to balance not only the functional design of the house, the site an neighborhood requirements for the house and also the symmetry of the house. It basically throws another curve ball into the mix. Sometimes, this means the symmetry can only go so far. In the photos below, you can see how the front of the house is perfectly symmetrical, but it unfolds into an “L” shape behind that front façade. The combination of a very historical southern style symmetrical home in front and one that breaks that mold to take full advantage of its site in back creates a fun dynamic and creates a bit of a “discovery” feel to the home.

The best part about symmetrical homes, however, is the creative use of space inside. In this instance, the architects employed a ton of windows and open spaces to bring light and air into this southern beauty. Different textures from the reclaimed wood floor to the smooth plaster columns to the painted wood walls provide a lot of eye-catching details to this house.

Hope you enjoy!

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