Outdoor spaces

Your home’s outdoor spaces are just as important as the indoor areas. Unfortunately, all too often, the backyard is left till the end and not given the full attention it deserves.

Whether your backyard is large or small, using some imagination and incorporating your outdoor design into the overall architecture of the home can create some magical spaces. Below is an example of a pool/hot tub Archiscapes designed in the backyard of a Watercolor home. Bridges connect the “island” oasis in the middle over the pool moat. Fountains add a playful touch and a fantastic fireplace gives this outdoor room a very¬†cozy indoor feel. Using bracket details and materials that reflect the rest of the home’s design, makes it feel as though this outdoor room is an extension of the home’s indoor spaces.

It all combines to provide the owners and their guests with a very nice outdoor space to relax, party or curl up with a good book and a glass of wine.