Tile, rough timbers and brick details

Every house needs its share of tile, plumbing fixtures, flooring, cabinet door hardware, etc. And all these details can be overwhelming to select and coordinate. You want your home to flow, you want it to stand out, you want it to be different – but not so different that you lose any potential resale value, etc.

One good option is to use a white or off-white color palate as your base. To jazz it up, consider introducing different types of materials and textures. Instead of white tile, go with a white marble or white painted brick. For accents, use a sudden burst of colored tile in a small location or consider throwing in some rough wood timbers. Its surprising how rustic, rough-hewn wood can warm up a room. Using color in small areas keeps it from overwhelming a room and makes it easy to change out if you ever get tired of it.

Archiscapes just finished designing a new home in Watersound West Beach and the owners have done a fantastic job, with the help of local interior designer Barbara Gordon, in finishing it out. In the following pictures, you can see how the white walls, white tile, white painted brick, white stair pickets, and white cabinets all compliment one another. The rooms flow. A few “pops” of rustic wood, accent tile bands and fun plumbing fixtures add some awesome finishing touches.