Watersound Residence

Details make all the difference in the World when it comes to designing a house. On this latest Archiscapes plan in Watersound, you can see how many¬†details went into the plans…at last count I think the set of plans was around 80 pages.

Note the little touches starting at the bottom: the kick out of the cedar shakes and the seashell stucco base. Above that, you may notice how the exterior material changes at different levels of the house. The rafter tails add another touch – a bit on the modern side, but still in keeping with the overall theme of a Southern coastal home. The porch columns and doors also blend those two elements of a modern, almost geometric style with traditional Southern charm.

Swing around to the other side of the house and you can check out the amazing pavilion and pool area, which borders the neighborhood pond. The pool is a long, rectangle – again, adding a touch of modernity to the home – with a hot tub at one end. At the other, the pavilion features what appears to be a long, narrow trench. This will eventually be a gas fire pit where flames will rise out of a bed of stones.

Enjoy the photos – we can’t wait to see the house finish up soon.