Construction progress and much, much more

How times flies…

Our team here at Archiscapes has added a new member since our last post: London Louise Stoyles. She’s a cutie.

At the same time, we’ve been rocking and rolling on new projects and keeping our eyes on the ones already under construction. It looks like 2013 is starting off to be a good year.

One of our favorite projects that should be finishing up construction this spring is a new Gulf Coast Dermatology office in Marianna, Florida.

The challenge here was to design something for a good budget with modern medical requirements that was in keeping with the style of this sleepy Southern town. To do so, we took several trips up to Marianna last spring and summer to study the existing architecture. Traditional materials of brick and round white columns are found throughout this 1800-era community. Below are some photos of the town as we found it Рa bit of inspirationbefore we starting sketching. After, you can see our work and how it is progressing so far. Enjoy!