Glass Walls

When you’ve got an amazing view or jaw-dropping backyard, the last thing you want to do is hide it behind a wall or regular window.

And that’s where glass walls come into play.

These panes of glass, which also act as doors that (depending on the brand) either telescope into one another or folds like an accordion, can make an entire wall disappear. When closed, these glass walls allow for unobstructed views. When open, they allow the home to merge with its exterior environment – deleting any barrier between you and your view.

In the home shown here, the family room features two walls of glass doors. Both of these fold open onto the home’s ample porches. As you can see here, the porches form the border for a hot tub/pool with a water fountain in the center and benches that look over the pool’s edge to the outdoor fireplace in the corner. What you can’t see in this photo is that this whole outdoor adventure area is nestled among the nature preserve of Eastern Lake in Watercolor. It’s not surprise, therefore, that the owners wanted to make sure nothing hindered their view of this peaceful wilderness and the parties they plan to have in their backyard.

While this home is still under construction and there is a lot to do before we can go for a swim, it’s fun to see how those glass walls already open up the home’s interior. It’s going to be spectacular when it’s all finished.