Latest Watersound Residence takes shape

Quite possibly one of our coolest houses yet, this new Watersound Beach home is just starting to take shape. Everything from an outdoor gazebo with a modern fire trench, a giant pool, hidden slides inside the walls for the kids, and an unbelievable master bathroom makes this place unforgettable.

While it is hard to see much at this stage, I thought it would be neat to give everyone a sneak peak at how the home is just getting started. In the following pictures, you can see how the home’s overall shape takes advantage of its lake views. Covered and open porches as well as lots and lots of French doors and picture windows all center this home around the water. Delicate details such as the custom designed exposed rafter tails, the awesome fire pit, and the curved walls in the master bedroom and bathroom add some great fun features to the house as well.

Here, you can see how the house flows out towards the water. It was hard to resist jumping off that pier, as it was such a hot day.

Here, you can see the street side of the house. A side-facing garage complete with golf cart storage lies close to the street. Wrap around porches, which will later feature round white columns provide a formal entrance for visitors.

This is a great shot of the gazebo, fire trench, trellised back porch and future site of the swimming pool. The concrete fire trench will receive a gas line and decorative rocks will fill the pit. It should be just breathtaking once it’s complete. How cool will it be to sit in the pool or chill under the gazebo and watch the fire burn?

An exterior view of the master bathroom. The curved wall wraps around the giant walk-in shower. Small, upper windows will let light into the entire room.

An interior view of the master bath. It’s hard to imagine how great this is going to look when complete – but trust me; it’s going to be fantastic.