A nod to our modern architecture side…

The Archiscapes team used the opportunity of a site inspection today to grab some photos of our latest modern project. The steel and concrete were taking shape and the job site was certainly rocking and rolling. This home is set to be one of our finest modern designs. Walls of glass and a slick white stucco exterior exude coolness, while the inside features contemporary touches and eco-friendly products such as bamboo cabinets. The end result is going to be stunning, even though we have a long way to go before it’s move-in ready.  

For now, please enjoy a brief tour of how the house is taking shape. The steel beams were needed to support the planes of glass, which cantilever out in certain places. The concrete block was used not only for its structural properties, as the owners wanted as much protection as possible against future storms, but also to give the exterior a slick modern stucco finish. The photos below highlight the overall home. They also showcase details revealing how the steel and concrete tie into one another and how rebar is used to give additional structural support and tie the whole house together.  

It’s quite a feat of engineering when you think about it.  


Notice how the steel beams lean outward in this photo. 


The owners are going to have a heck of a stunning view when this is finished. 


Here, you can see the crew going to town. 


A detail shot showing how steel and concrete work together. The wood framing is where concrete will be poured in place to wrap around the steel. 


I think you can safely say those beams are not going anywhere.