Towers, lights and final touches

For the last two years, Archiscapes has been drawing and watching construction progress on a stunning Victorian home. In the last month, all the final pieces have come together – at last – and we wanted to share some photos.

A few of the details that we’d love to point out:

1. The exterior trim details are out of this world. Please take note of the golden sunbursts in the eves, the elegant detailing around the porches and windows, and the lovely curved trim over the rear-facing windows.

2. The lights were all custom designed by Archiscapes and created by a fantastic company in California. They did a great job. In fact, they do many of the custom lights for at Disney’s parks and hotels. They worked with us hand-in-hand to craft these lights and were wonderful to work with.

3. The only showpiece light we didn’t create is the Diana statue located on the mule post at the bottom of the stairs. We found this one on Ebay.

4. The oil-rubbed Oak paneled staircase is a work of art. One of our favorite touches is the stained glass window on the landing.

5. The custom created wood doors throughout the house are an example of some fantastic craftsmanship.

6. The children’s bathroom is great. We broke the Victorian mode and turned it into a giant submarine.