Stairs – more than just a means to go up and down

Most of the time when people consider the Wow elements of a house they think of the kitchen, the master bedroom and bathroom, maybe the awesome backyard or pool.

Rarely are stairs considered a key feature. Of course, there are always those Gone with the Wind homes with the giant spiral staircase that descends into a grand hall, but most homes today just don’t have the space to devote to that kind of entrance. But sometimes it’s fun to revisit the idea of creating a staircase that takes your breath away.

In this Watercolor home, the free-floating staircase wraps around from the second floor den into the first floor living/kitchen area. The walls that line the staircase are stacked with windows on both floors, creating a dynamic look both inside and out. It’s hard to imagine at this stage of construction as the windows are covered with plastic protectors, but the beauty of this staircase still shines through. Even with the dangling wires and unfinished work surrounding it, you can tell this is going to be one heck of a WOW staircase.


The view from the second floor looking down the stairs to the first floor.

The home’s exterior.