The power of concrete floors

When it comes to flooring choices, the sky is the limit. Wood, tile, carpet… and all the selections within those categories may make it difficult to make a decision. While all of those applications have some beautiful possibilities, concrete floors are another option that can really stand out and are very budget friendly. Staining the concrete gives it a dramatic look and can completely change the tone of concrete floors, both inside and out. The following are a series of photos of a house that just finished staining the concrete floors on both the exterior porches and throughout the first floor interior. The exterior finish is designed to be a bit lighter than the interior.

Obviously, the home is still a construction site so dust and dirt are plentiful at this stage – However, the photos show just how eye-popping stained concrete floors can be, even before a proper cleaning. 

Inside, the floors were unveiled today. Pardon the mess, but they still look great. Before the home is finished, a dark grout will be added where the concrete lines are shown.

And when you get over how awesome the floors look… come check out the pool. It’s hard to decide which sight is best: the view looking out to the water or the view looking back at the home with the pool’s infinity edge creating a waterfall effect.