Mixing materials

Wood, brick, metal – when it comes to detailing the interior and exterior of a home, you have a lot to choose from. Sometimes, the best path is to keep it simple and use just one kind of material. But sometimes the best result is a mix. Selective highlights of brick can make a porch stand out from a wood house. Likewise, a touch of metal inside can add a sense of cohesiveness to a home with a metal roof. Rough timbers are another wonderful touch that work really well even in the most refined of homes. Often, it is this contrast between elegance and raw materials that create the most dramatic settings.

The following photos show a house that Archiscapes just completed that perfectly illustrates the awesome power of mixing materials. The clients wanted a very beautiful, refined, clean lined and light-colored look for the house. Yet, they loved the idea of bringing in an architectural hint of natural wood beams, metal poles, and lead-caned glass cabinets to accentuate the polished look of the rest of the home.

I hope you enjoy!