Cool Pools

Having a pool is one thing. Having one that is architecturally integrated into the design of your house is another.

A pool that flows with the home’s design not only makes for a more dynamic and attractive pool, but done right, it makes for a better-looking house. As you can see in the following pictures, this Watercolor home has an outdoor living area that leads right up to the edge of the pool.

At the middle point where the framing encroaches narrowing the pool is where the home’s outdoor dining room will be located. On either side are wide porches for sun bathing and playing.

On the pool’s far ends are sun shelves- shallow areas where people can sit their chairs directly in the water and kids can play in water jets that shoot up from the pool.

The pool also features an infinity edge along the entire 65-foot length. From inside the house, it will look as though the water is running directly from the home off the edge of a cliff. From the yard, the pool appears as a moat, adding a fun, dramatic effect – especially at night when the water acts as a mirror reflecting the gas lanterns that line the porch.