Painted Brick — something to consider

Will it flake?

Will it look good?

Won’t it cost more since I am now buying both brick and paint?

These are all common questions we get when suggesting a painted brick look for a home or commercial building. It’s a unique finish that can work with a variety of styles – from modern to traditional to coastal cottage. Painted brick produces a lovely textured finish that can lighten up a structure and adds a bit of pizzazz.

On the following photos, you can see how this “Off-White” painted brick enhances the dark trim and windows. When compared to the underlying brick, it makes a huge difference in the building’s appearance.


 Here’s another example of how painted brick can work well even when mixed with traditional wood siding on a house. This home was built nearly seven years ago and the brick has never been repainted. It’s served as a great exterior material for the homeowners.

 And one more time…. this shows how well painted brick works with stucco. On this home, we used a painted brick base with a stucco finish on the second floor. The contrasting textures create a great effect.

To answer the questions above:

1. Will it flake? No, painted brick produces a fantastic finish when the appropriate paint and brick is used. We specify a special kind of brick that features a slightly porous surface that helps the brick bond with the paint. That works in conjunction with a specially formulated paint that is designed to adhere to the brick. The two should stick together just fine for a long time and do well even when exposed to the sun and salt air down here on the Florida coast.

2. Will it look good? Yes, painting brick does require a bit of nerve, since it is a permanent change. However, I think the photos shown here illustrate how great it looks.

3. Will it cost more? Surprisingly, painted brick is not more expensive than other kinds of exterior finishes. domain name expiration True, wood or Hardi Siding tends to be the most cost efficient. However, when compared to stucco or a nice red brick, it is about the same. Because stucco requires solid masonry construction on which to apply the stucco coat, and masonry construction tends to be the most expensive product to use when building a home, stucco is not a cheap finish. Likewise, a good traditional or reclaimed brick costs a fair amount. The kind of brick that works best with paint tends to be cheaper than the nice bricks that you would leave untouched on the house. Therefore, even when you add in the labor and materials cost to paint it, painted brick tends to be pretty comparable with other exterior finishes.