Interior Colors and finishes

Selecting the interior colors and finishes for a home is one of the most difficult things for folks. You know you’ll be living with these decisions for a long time so the pressure is on for it to be perfect.

Here are two very different examples from homes going into this final stage right now.

In the first house, a wonderful little Craftsman cottage style plan, the clients wanted to do something bold. This historical red color is very much in keeping with the style of a Craftsman home. If you look closely, the cabinets have a rustic finish to them, further adding to the Craftsman style. It’s really going to pop when they get the walls painted and the backsplash up.


They also have the interior trim all up. It looks amazing.

In this second example, the owners wanted their interior spaces to reflect a slightly contemporary beach cottage look. They opted for a palate of whites, grays and neutral colors.

And here are some detailed photos of their interior trim and the cabinetry. The leaded glass in the kitchen cabinets is beautiful.