Step Two in building a house: framing

For those of you following along, our story on how to build a house started two weeks ago with this: the initial concrete footings and foundation being poured on a new Archiscapes house.

The concrete foundation and rebar ties the house together and establishes a good base on which to keep going up. If you don’t have a good foundation, don’t even bother trying to move to step two. But once that concrete and rebar is inspected and considered good to go – you’re off to the races.

That leads me to this latest chapter: Framing.

It seems so simple. Framing – you start nailing wood and plywood together to create the walls, right? Turns out, there is a bit more to it than that. A good framer can be one of the most important parts to making your home’s construction a success or disaster. The biggest difference between a good framer and a not-so-good framer is his or her ability to read a set of plans. (Hopefully, you have a good set of plans with which to start. Our sets are typically 40-100 pages, depending on the size and complexity of the structure and include detailed structural and architectural framing plans and wall sections.) A good framer will build exactly what is on those plans checking dimensions, ordering the proper trusses as specified in the plans, and making sure the details – from the exposed rafter tails to column capitals, are architecturally correct.

Here is how the house looks now.

When it comes to framing, though, this is the photo that matters.

We’ve got 16″ deep webbed trusses that run between the first and second floor. Not only does this give you great insulation and structural rigidity. It also allows us to design a truss with a boxed out center to run the HVAC ductwork. This prevents you from having fur downs (when you drop down or box out a part of the ceiling) to run mechanical systems through. We’ve got some great looking trusses here thanks to Builders First Source.

Here’s a picture of our roof trusses. They are looking great as well.

Next up: hurricane strapping!