2011 color trends and paint colors

What color should I paint my walls?
For starters, everyone is different, but I will say that a few colors have a habit of reappearing every time we have this conversation with a client. Maybe it’s because we are at the beach or maybe it’s the strong light and long summer months down here in Florida, but light colors, neutrals and grays that reflect the earth and water tones around us always seem the most popular. When we do introduce dark colors, we tend to use them as an accent wall.

As 2011 nears, we’re starting to look to the color trends for what will be the newest “IT” color in the future. Word on the street is “Gray.” You might think Gray means drab or boring, but paired with wood accents and the right tile, gray can be a wonderful calming base that allows you to accent with bright colors and textures.

Here is a photo of the solid gray concrete countertops we are designing for a new house with some fun tile.

See how much fun gray tile can be? Just add some texture to spice things up.

Or check out these cool patterns with gray undertones.

If you’re thinking of colors, try the following:

  • Soft, Brown Grays – think putty tones like the tile above.
  • Gray Green – almost a soft Khaki with a hint of gray
  • Gray Purple – a dusty lilac tone
  • Gray Blue – a nautical color that pairs well with black, white and navy

  • Pale Yellow – this has a bit of a gray tone, almost like wheat. Consider accenting it with a brighter mustard yellow, not French mustard, but more of a German mustard
  • Red, but in the Ruby tones, no orange.

P.S. Random Trivia Note: Gray in the U.S. is spelled Grey in the U.K.  Strange, but true according to Wikipedia.