What color do I paint my house?

Selecting a color for your home’s exterior is never an easy job.

Some neighborhoods help you out with “pre-approved” neighborhood color guidelines and selected paint colors. Others leave it all on your shoulders.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, it’s never an easy path. And while I’m all for being true to your unique style, I find that the colors most people are happiest with – and that also make their neighbors happy – are natural Earth tones. In these photos, you can see that our clients selected a lighter palate. The neutral gray, green body of the house works well with the light brick. We often recommend to clients to limit their exterior paints to three colors: the body, the trim and the color of the doors and window trim. Usually, the body is the middle color, the house trim is lighter (most often a white) and we love to make the doors and windows pop out with a dark color. This isn’t a rule, however. But you can see how well it works in this example.

(The yellow color you see inside the brick arches is the primer.)

When in doubt about where to start looking for paint colors, I recommend the “historical” collection from any paint store. For some reason, those colors always seem to appeal to me – although that may be a personal thing. In addition, take photos of homes you like and pick up those booklets at the paint store for recommended color combinations. Those paint color scientists at the Benjamin Moore and Sherwin William’s labs spent hours trying to put those together, so go ahead and use them.

You can see here how well it works in the overall setting of the lot. I’ll try to update the photos as soon as the painting is complete so you can see the finished product.