What’s under the stairs?

Monsters? Giant dust bunnies? Stuff you still haven’t unpacked since you moved in ten years ago?

How about Quarter-sawn custom oak paneling?


It’s hard to tell by the picture above, but this shows you just how beautiful it can be underneath your stairs. This staircase is also known as “flying stair” where each flight of steps travels underneath the next level. The house shown here is currently under construction in Seaside, Fla. The Oak paneling will be stained to contrast with the white painted wood walls throughout the rest of the home. Oak floors in every room, except the bathrooms, help tie it all together. It’s nice to play with the same materials throughout a house (in this case, Oak), but use it in different forms and apply different textures. In this house, you will see Oak painted, stained, detailed with custom trim work or run as bead board.

I shot this image directly underneath the stairs on the bottom floor so the view is a bit distorted. However, it gives you a great eyeful for the detail and craftsmanship that went into making each of these panels. The trim carpenters have had their hands full on this project.

To make the staircase feel even cozier, the architects added wood paneling to match along the walls as you climb. The home is three stories with a tower at the top so guests have lots of opportunities to enjoy all the detailed workmanship that went into making this home. It’s details like this that make this a stunning house. (That’s my father-in-law taking a tour).