Seaside Interiors

It’s not exactly bed knobs and broomsticks… but this week a box of doorknobs did arrive at the Archiscapes office. The knobs are courtesy of one of our architects who spent a day at an architectural salvage shop to find them. (It’s not often you discover a box of funky doorknobs on your desk …. just one of the many benefits of working in an architecture firm.)

Each one is slightly different. The white knobs go in the bathrooms, the black are for the bedrooms, and the ones with white and black are for doors that connect between bedrooms and bathrooms.

To me, the best part is that each plate is going to be just a touch different. It’s not enough to stand out, but on close inspection it will be a wonderful design accent to a magnificent home. I’ll try to post new construction photos soon; but until then, just head over to the link below and check it out on our website.