Seagrove Beach home plans

One of the hardest parts about running an architecture firm is making clients feel comfortable with our 2-dimensional plans when the final result will, obviously, be seen in 3-D. It’s strange how often one half of a couple, either the husband or the wife, will have the knack for visualizing the plans as they will realistically appear and the other struggles to “read” the plans. As the only non-architect in our office, I can sympathize with the non-plan readers. I, myself, almost never understand how the 2D version translates into 3D. Most of the time I show up to the construction site amazed at how the house has turned out, despite the fact that I have looked at the plans on a daily basis for months.

I thought it might be interesting, therefore, to show how different the Seagrove Beach house, photographed in my Nov. 15 post, looks on paper.

Here’s the backside: