Falling arches

Arches are a wonderful design feature that, when used in conjunction with straight or bracketed columns, can really set off a home’s front entrance. Notice here, on one of our newest projects to come out of the ground, how the play of different materials and design elements make for a dramatic look. Of course, right now you’ll have to use your imagination to get the full effect. But at the rate this house is going up, you won’t have to wait long to see awesome it’s going to be when all the parts and pieces are in place.

As anyone whose fifth grade teacher ever assigned the “build a bridge out of toothpicks” homework project knows: arches have to be self supporting. This is true, even on homes today. The wooden supports under the brick will be removed once the mortar is dry and the bricks can stand up for themselves. We don’t want any falling arches around here. Thank goodness we have a great brick mason working on this job.

And this is just my favorite eye-candy shot: