Tub or No Tub?

One of our clients, I’ll call her Mrs. J., happened to discover the Bain Ultra website and that is where she fell in love with her tub.

“This is what I want,” she said, holding up the photo of the master bath suite on the Bain Ultra catalog.
When the tub sits in the center of the bathroom like that, sunshine cascading over its edge and picking up the color in the polished nickel fixtures and marble tile, the tub is almost sculptural.  It is easy to see how beautiful that single object can make a bathroom.

For those of us devoted to our showers, however, it is tempting to leave it out altogether. And given all the extra space you get when you take out a bathtub, you have room for so many more fun things for the shower: rain heads, body sprays, beautiful exposed plumbing and elegant handles.

So you want the bathroom to be romantic? Well, there’s no reason the shower can’t be big enough for two.

Still, a number of people ask us: “If we don’t really take baths, should we put the tub in for resale value?”

It’s a personal choice. Nine out of ten real estate agents will tell you “yes.” Personally, however, I think I would leave it out. Give me the steam shower/sauna/outdoor pool instead any day.

Ask my husband, though, and this is what he has been trying to talk a client into getting ever since he first saw it in a magazine a year ago…

(I think he likes it because it’s as close as he will ever get to feeling like he just hatched out of a giant dinosaur egg.)